Your Guide to North Carolina’s Best Wine Trails

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If you’re interested in sipping fine wines across the great state of North Carolina, consider finding a place to stay along one of the state’s wine trails! North Carolina is the ideal place for viticulture, and it is unique as the only place in the world where every single major wine grape is grown! Wine trails allow you to visit several nearby North Carolina vineyards and wineries to enjoy multiple styles of wines right where they were produced. 

Since North Carolina’s geography and climate shift from region to region, each wine trail has a distinct terroir that sets its wines apart and reflects the beautiful natural landscape. With North Carolina’s 200 amazing wineries to sample, this guide will help you navigate the wine regions and savor every stop! 

The Yadkin Valley Wine Trail

This wine area is known as being one of the best in the East Coast because of its ideal climate for viticulture. While you may not get to all 40 vineyards and wineries in the area, you can certainly plan to visit a dozen of your favorites over a long weekend! For those planning a trip to western North Carolina, consider purchasing a Yadkin Valley Wine & Beer Passport. This will allow you to attend tastings at almost a dozen wineries as well as four local craft breweries, and enjoy a discount at many of the best local restaurants! 

Try these Yadkin Valley vineyards and wineries:

  • Ragapple Lassie Vineyards
  • Sanders Ridge Winery
  • Adagio Vineyards

Swan Creek Wine Trail

With so many of North Carolina’s vineyards and wineries are situated in the western region of the state, this is a great area to plan a vacation around wine! Swan Creek Wine Trail overlaps with the Yadkin Valley Wine Trail, though this wine trail is much smaller. If you want to plan a shorter trip – perhaps one day or a weekend – consider touring the vineyards and wineries located in close proximity to each other on this charming wine trail. All of the vineyards and wineries are conveniently located within five miles of each other. 

Try these Swan Creek vineyards and wineries:

  • Dobbins Creek Vineyard
  • Laurel Gray Vineyards
  • Windsor Run Cellars

East Bend Wine Trail

This wine trail is conveniently located just half an hour from Winston-Salem, making it ideal for those living in the area who are planning a weekend adventure from the city! The vineyards and wineries on the East Bend Wine Trail each present unique experiences that extend beyond enjoying a bottle of wine in an incredible location. For example, the Divine Llama Vineyards is actually home to more llamas than any other farm in the Southeast U.S.! This makes the vineyard a great choice for families looking for a kid-friendly winery the whole family can enjoy together. 

Try these East Bend vineyards and wineries:

  • Flint Hill Vineyards
  • Cellar 4201
  • Divine Llama Vineyards

The Southern Gateway Wine Trail

The Southern Gateway Wine Trail is the perfect choice for new visitors to North Carolina and for those who are devoted to good food. And there’s no place in North Carolina more serious about barbecue than Lexington! Perfectly located in the middle of the state, the Southern Gateway Wine Trail is the perfect trip for those who want to imbibe with delicious local wine and the best BBQ you’ve ever tried. The southern experience is completed by a trip to Childress Vineyards, founded by a NASCAR legend and not to be missed! 

Try these Southern Gateway vineyards and wineries:

  • Childress Vineyards
  • Native Vines Winery
  • Weathervane Winery

Asheville Wine Trail

Asheville is one of North Carolina’s best known cities outside the state – and for good reason! Asheville is tucked away in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and is known for its vibrant art and food scene as well as its history and architecture. All of the vineyards and wineries on this wine trail offer excellent views of the nearby mountains! One of Asheville’s top historic sites, the Biltmore Estate, also features one of the country’s most beloved (and most visited!) wineries, Biltmore Winery.

Try these Asheville vineyards and wineries:

  • Biltmore Winery
  • Addison Farms Vineyard
  • Pleb Urban Winery

Rose Hill Wine Trail

Across the state near the Atlantic coast is the Rose Hill Wine Trail. If you’re visiting the beach, this wine trail is the perfect getaway for a rainy afternoon or on your drive home. You’ll be able to see the largest wine production facility on the East Coast when you visit Duplin Winery. Duplin’s wines are carried in many local markets, so you may have even enjoyed a bottle of local wine while enjoying the beach without even realizing! 

Try these Rose Hill vineyards and wineries:

  • Duplin Winery
  • Huffman’s Vineyards
  • Bannerman Vineyard & Winery

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